Whether this is your first time shooting a bow or hundredth time, the UCONN Archery Club is the place on campus to practice and perfect your sharpshooting skills as well as meet cool new people. There are two parts of this club: the Club Team and the Competitive Team.

The Club Team is perfect if you are just starting to learn archery as you will be shown the ropes and can practice shooting at different targets. Although you can bring your own stuff, no equipment is necessary participate in the Club Team as we have both recurve and compound bows, sights, stabilizers, and various arrows.

You can also try out for our Competitive Team and put your skills to the test in one of our many tournaments. The Competitive Team is also a great opportunity to do some traveling as these tournaments are held in different locations in New England and some are even held at UCONN. At the UCONN Archery Club, if you want to just shoot for fun or compete with other archers, you’ll have a blast either way.